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We strive to provide a school environment that motivates and supports excellence in learning with learners ,
educators, support staff, parents and community members all working together.
We believe that education should encourage learners to develop to their full potential according to their own
individual needs.

We believe that learners are of utmost importance; therefore we shall deal professionally with all those we teach,
and respect each learner as an individual.
We strive to instill in every learner a love of learning and a quest for knowledge which will continue through life.
We believe that learners need to develop knowledge, skills and the ability to think for themselves so that they will
be self-confident in setting goals, making informed choices and acting in ways that will improve their own lives.

and the life of the community.
We believe that it is important for our learners to have respect for themselves, others and our environment.
We believe that learners have to develop their skills in sporting and cultural activities.
Therefore, we believe that we lead by example.
If we work in harmony with others involved in the education of our learners and show that we take pride in our
work, then learners will learn from our attitudes.

“No good deed should go unrecognized,”

The Al Azhar School of Durban would therefore like to place on record our deepest gratitude and appreciation to all those who have assisted the school in cash or kind.
May Allah (S.W.T) bless you and reward you with the best in this world and the
best in the hereafter (Aameen)
We truly hope that you would continue to assist our school in all our ventures.

Shukrun Jazeelan
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